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Conversational AI’s role in optimising debt collection

Conversational AI with Druid and ChatGPT With Tenjin in play, our customers deflect more support tickets, enhance customer service and improve the quality and availability of knowledge within their organisation. With technologies becoming more advanced we had to build our chatbots to keep up, while also fulfilling the customers needs. Diagnosing an issue in a

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Sub4Sub, Buying Subscribers & Views Things NOT To Do On YouTube

July 6, 2023 By Generative AI Comments Off

Getting Started with Streaming An Overview This includes; turning up to streams, chatting, retweeting and sharing via social media, joining the community discord and being active. Streamlabs lets you customize the setting for all the different alert types your alert box contains – New follows, Donations, Raids etc. You can also have streamlabs generate a

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What is sentiment analysis? Using NLP in eDiscovery

May 31, 2023 By Generative AI Comments Off

Part 3: Natural Language Processing Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining Difficulties may also arise with the interpretation of explicit evaluative vocabulary. Words can have several meanings, and they can be neutral in one sense and negative or positive in other senses. For example, the word “fresh” in the phrase “fresh water” is neutral, perhaps with

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