Lycian Way

The mountains around Cirali rise up to 1500 metres. Many of our guests like hiking in the mountains especially in the

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High Lands

Not far from Cirali are several highlands at altitudes of more than one thousand meters. You can hike to a number of them from Cirali and we can arrange transportation to take you back. On these highlands you will observe traditional nomadic living as well as now almost extinct cedar trees. We can organize aRead More

Olympos – Adrasan

The longest hike 8 hours. This is the longest hike, and you should be fairly fit since it involves considerable climbing up and down the Mount Musa. It starts from the antique city of Olympos located by the beach in Cirali . After a 4-hour climb through the woods with spectacular scenery on all sides,

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Tahtalı Peak

5-6 hours. The hike is not done during the winter months when there is snow on Mount Tahtali (January to March), the highest mountain in the region. You take transportation to the highland of Beycik and start the climb there. The most challenging of all the hikes with the most spectacular scenery of the region

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Fish Village – Ulupınar

3 hours. The walkstarts from the village of Ulupınar. We can arrange your transportation to the beginning of the walk. The village of Ulupınar has many restaurants located on waterfalls. They serve fish and other traditional Turkish dishes. After the lunch, you descend to a valley, then climb up to the Chimera and down to

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Chimera – Yanartaş

One-hour. The fire-breathing monster, Chimaera, is an important symbol of the ancient Lycian civilisation and it is in Cirali. The path is good and the climb itself is not steep. We believe that visiting Chimera is a must. We recommend that you go there in the evening to see these flames eternally burning on the

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