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Robbie Thomas, 10

Robbie Thomas, 10: ‘we isn’t ridden a cycle in [a lengthy] time, and that I will ride one constantly now.’ photo: Lydia Goldblatt for your Guardian

Gwen Mooney, Robbie’s mommy

We had a hell of some dilemmas last year: Robbie was actually clinically determined to have diabetic issues; my buddy passed away; I got a breakdown. You will findn’t had the opportunity to take care of the kids, so Robbie’s dad must leave work. Discover seven people, and everything has already been difficult, with fuel and meals costs heading up.

We reserve £20 per week ever since the summer to pay on presents. Robbie had gotten a bike from Halfords. We got an effective inexpensive – it absolutely was £70.
Family Action
in addition gave the boys a present each – Robbie had gotten balancing testicle – plus they provided the Christmas time hamper, with poultry as well as the trimmings. It took a lot of the force down.

Robbie’s good as gold. He’s been good at college. The guy never ever requests such a thing. I brought my personal children up never to end up being indulged, and I’ve trained all of them you can find kiddies a great deal even worse off than all of them. It really is a very money grubbing world, however. Robbie with his brothers see toy adverts on TV, they appear from the Argos book. They look, they desire, even so they understand that they don’t get.

Complete invest, £70.


Just what do you wish for

A bike.

What do you imagine your own gifts?

Good. Fine.

The thing that was your favorite present?

The cycle. I ain’t ridden a bike in [a lengthy] time, and I also reach ride one all the amount of time now.

What is the smartest thing about Christmas?

The dinner and every little thing – the turkey and all that. We’d celebration poppers and then we shot them all round the residence. After that I got to simply help wipe them clean upwards.

Maria Vvedenskaya, 4

Maria Vvedenskaya, 4: ‘just what did you wish for Christmas time? Some small toys and a small rat like in Ratatouille.’ Photograph: Lydia Goldblatt for Guardian

Liana Vvedenskaya, Maria’s mother

Maria noticed the rocking horse in Harrods early in the day this current year. “I adore it!” she stated. “could i drive it?”

Ever since, she is been asking, “whenever would you buy me a rocking horse, Mummy?” We stated, “it is very pricey – you’ll have to wait.” She’s already been fantasizing about it. When I had sufficient points back at my Harrods card, I bought it. It Had Been £4,800.

I cannot explain just how happy Maria was whenever she saw the woman current. She did not anticipate it. We never told her that i might get it, as a result it had been a big shock. She additionally had gotten desserts, five or six toys, including a tiny red puppy and a cupcake-making set, and a very pretty gown from Ralph Lauren. Whenever she unwrapped the some other gifts, she mentioned, “Normally for me aswell?” She couldn’t think it. She thought it actually was exactly the rocking horse.

I spent my youth into the Soviet Union, in Abkhazia. We couldnot have such a thing like that – our moms and dads could not afford it. My common gift would-be something smaller than average quick: a teddy keep or a doll. I always work with a bank in Moscow, nevertheless now I stay home in Knightsbridge and my better half is actually a legal professional. It will make me personally happy that i could manage wonderful toys for my child.

Full invest, around £5,200.


What do you want for xmas?

Some little toys and a little rodent like in

What do you think of your presents?

I don’t know but.

The thing that was your favorite gift?

The rocking horse – it offers a lovely end.

What is the best thing about Christmas?

Seated with all my family at a big gorgeous table with plants and Christmas time candle lights.

Dimitri Volcic, 6

Dimitri Volcic, 6: ‘What’s the most sensible thing about Christmas time? Xmas dinner.’ Photograph: Lydia Goldblatt for any Guardian

Matilda Lee, Dimitri’s mom

Becoming honest notifies my entire worldview. I am an editor at
the Ecologist
, i have authored
a book on ethical trend
, there is homemade ornaments, purchase a moral tree, take in locally sourced, organic food. Whenever youngsters happened to be very little, it was an easy task to buy them green presents, but now Dimitri’s six, it really is tougher. The guy watches TV, the guy sees advertisements, all their buddies mention the things they’re acquiring for Christmas time. He desires material.

In 2010, as well as a stocking packed with crafts and arts and a satsuma, and a followed snowfall leopard from
, i am nervous the guy got a Nintendo DS. I am troubled by how it was created, by who, and what’s going to affect it whenever, inevitably, the guy locates it boring. Additionally, we be concerned with the impact it’s going to have on him. We become him outside whenever possible, and the last thing he requires is one thing to keep him inside focused on a screen.

We are into the many years whenever our children are to the concept of gifts underneath the forest. Whenever Dimitri’s earlier, I would like to get him just about every day out for xmas. There’s someplace near all of us that really does preparing courses – he’d love that. When we stayed in a like-minded neighborhood in which everybody else bought morally, it could be perfect, but, for now, Really don’t consider it would be healthy for him is completely different from their colleagues.

Full spend, around £130.


Just what did you desire for Christmas?

A mini car therefore I can drive to school and a Nintendo DS.

What do you contemplate your gifts?

I happened to be happy.

That which was your favourite gift?

A Lego home from my mum’s mum.

What’s the most sensible thing about Christmas time?

Christmas dinner – we had ham and fruit jelly. The ham was actually very salty.

Faith Kompaniyets, 8

Faith Kompaniyets, 8: ‘just what did i’d like for Christmas? A proper Nemo.’ Photograph: Lydia Goldblatt when it comes to Protector

Iryna Kompaniyets, Faith’s mom

Every present Faith will get must be Nemo. She saw
Discovering Nemo
four years back, and from the time, for almost any birthday and each xmas, she should have every thing Nemo. We now have a joke. Faith will say, “exactly what am we getting?” and I’ll say, “we don’t know, perhaps anything…” and she’ll shout, “Orange!”

She always knows she’s going to get Nemo, but she does not know what it will be. She actually is got Nemo toys, blankets, bedding, towels, a hat, a scarf and, on her last birthday celebration, i acquired the lady Nemo salt-and-pepper shakers. This xmas I got the lady a Nemo dressing gown and Nemo egg servings – she additionally got four containers of gift suggestions from pals, class and also the chapel. Faith has actually cerebral palsy, but the woman is quite cellular and loved beginning her gift suggestions, with some help from me. As I confirmed her the major Nemo emblem in the straight back of this dressing outfit, she began shouting with joy in her own typical method.

The majority of Faith’s presents originate from eBay because Choosing Nemo is such a vintage film, no one helps make new services any more. I browse the net and discover circumstances from all over the world. Its frequently an instance of: started using it. First got it. Got it. Started using it. Have not started using it! Buy it!

Complete invest, around £15.


What do you desire for Christmas?

A proper Nemo.

What did you think of your presents

? [Faith provides a thumbs up.]

That which was your favorite gift?

[Faith reveals the dressing gown.]

What’s the best thing about xmas?

[Faith reveals her favourite Nemo model that she stocks together everywhere.]

Ruyi Usuanlele, 8

Ruyi Usuanlele, 8: ‘My personal favorite present? The ability launcher – it can help myself win fights with my BeyBlade.’ Picture: Lydia Goldblatt/Lydia Goldblatt your Guardian

Bridget Ayemare, Ruyi’s mom

Last year the youngsters did not get gifts – my father had died, therefore we did not really commemorate. We are very religious, and the young children understand that Christmas is not just about gift suggestions and eating. Ruyi performed very well in school, therefore I spoiled him a little. I acquired him a
, a
power launcher and a
Mario Kart
Nintendo game. I came back the video game ultimately because his uncle turned-up on xmas Eve and gave him a bike – it would have been too many presents. The motorcycle was a big shock. Ruyi had been speechless – he’s never also ridden a bike before.

Total invest, around £50.


Just what did you want for Christmas?

An electric launcher for BeyBlade and a Bakugan.

Exactly what did you think about your provides?

I became very thrilled.

That which was the favourite gift?

The energy launcher – it will help myself win fights using my BeyBlade.

What’s the ideal thing about Christmas time?

I got to spend time with my household.

Martha, Grace & Lydia Brown, all 4

Triplets Martha, Grace and Lydia Brown, all 4: ‘we have some men in our household,’ says the triplets’ mommy, Kirsty, ‘and whenever three ladies arrived, everybody wished to ruin all of them.’ photo: Lydia Goldblatt the protector

Kirsty Brown, the girls’ mummy

I have made a spot, from whenever these people were babies, to not outfit the girls alike or even get them identical gifts for Christmas time and birthdays. It mightn’t seem sensible, anyway – independent of the reality they are non-identical triplets, these are typically three completely different folks.

Martha will be the thinker. She actually is really serious, very adult on her age and with an unbelievable vocabulary. She requested me personally several months back for a musical jewellery field with a ballerina inside the house. Grace is very flamboyant – the all-singing, all-dancing one. She’s into the woman extras and garments, and she likes kitties. Lydia is extremely different from the others – rather outdoorsy and incredibly effective, but very sensitive, too; she required a doll.

This current year we have invested about £50 on every girl. I made the decision getting them a songs box overall, because I understood it would trigger rips on Christmas time if perhaps Martha had one. Lydia’s main present had been a child doll, Grace had gotten the woman all-singing, all-dancing cat and Martha’s primary gift ended up being a post workplace. They even got a baking set each. There seemed to be a lot of screaming and panicked unwrapping on xmas time, but we attempted to focus on all of them separately whenever they opened their own gifts.

Having triplets really does come to be very costly. We two some other young ones, therefore we beg us users not to spend more than £10 each regarding women. The trouble is actually, we’ve got many men within our family members, as soon as three girls came along, everybody else planned to spoil all of them. I am like, “They don’t should be clothed as three small fairies”, but people cannot withstand it.

Full spend, £150.


What do you wish for Christmas time?

a songs package, since they are thus fairly.

Just what did you think about your own gifts?

Really nice and beautiful.

That was your favorite gift?

My dance dancer music package.

What’s the best thing about Christmas time?

That people had gotten a lot of provides.


Exactly what do you desire for Christmas time?

a cat with a lead on.

Just what did you imagine your own provides?

I became extremely pleased.

The thing that was the favorite current?

I appreciated my pet.

What’s the best thing about Christmas?

Going to bed on Christmas Eve and making milk and carrots for santa claus.


What do you wish for Christmas time?

A baby. I favor children.

Just what did you think of your gifts?

It made me pleased.

That which was your own favorite current?

The baby.

What’s the ideal thing about Christmas time?

I did not see Santa, but I heard the reindeers.

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