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Y’all possess some problems satisfying homosexual men and women. We know this because for as long as we have had homogay ‘internet presences’ you’ve been inquiring you making queer friends/meet girls. We Have Now
responded you, occasionally

But obviously maybe not periodically adequate:

Although Laneia is actually convinced she actually is really the only lesbian in Phoenix (i am positive this isn’t very, some one kindly back me personally up in statements), a lot of us here on group Autostraddle have a relatively healthier posse of queer buddies. Or at least it appears that way as soon as we build for homogay events/marches/parties/prides tri-annually.

We feel totally lucky with this and so we have decided to enlist the soldiers and answer fully the question “how perform we fulfill various other queers?” once and for all.

First Of All:

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Isn’t it time? Why don’t we begin.



: GET WORK! No truly. Go get a position. It generally does not have to be
a gay job
. Though I had those. Tasks when you look at the right community are teeming with undercover gays. If you notice a printer jam, hold off approx 2 mins and the majority of probably a gay lady will arrive to fix. For me, routine ol’ tasks commonly the very best spots to get to know some other gay females, whether for friendsies, FWB, or potential partner product. If you will find slimmer pickins’ at Your Job, most of the better for you.

Complement a Femme

: go out where your pals work, if appropriate. Someone i am aware only met a pretty thing to nibble on in that way not too long ago.


: If
your own work colleagues realize you are a homogay
, they will virtually undoubtedly make an effort to introduce you to or set you right up employing homosexual cousin/sister/bff/roommate/etc.

Concerts for Queer Musicians



I found nearly all my queer buddies at
. Gay girls tend to be fairly serious about supporting their own neighborhood gay musicians, therefore get examine a number of programs. If your city provides an all-female group next that is a beneficial place to begin, their unique shows will likely be full of prospective queer friends. I usually believe it is easiest to produce pals using artists themselves as you currently have an excuse to strike upwards a conversation together: to tell all of them that you loved their own tv series. Ask them if they’re playing subsequent, and check-out this one too. Merely keep turning up.

Join any Club/Team Which Will

Maybe you’ve as an associate

Intern Hot Laura


Are you experiencing a

cycle co-op

in your city? I gamble you do, and I gamble you’ll find a number of attractive ladies running around with bike grease on their noses. Even though you cannot satisfy anybody, you’re able to learn how to build a cycle and is kind of like holding around a much lighter just in case a cute girl asks for lighting merely better because you can come their own their unique rescue and correct their particular broken tire.


: Join a

guide dance club


composing team


Do-it-yourself picture taking working area

– actually, DIY such a thing works.


Go to the

roller derby

All of the queer girls have reached the roller derby. These. Roller derby is wall-to-wall lesbians and I’ve seen numerous ladies strike right up new friendships as you’re watching a casino game. It really is simple accomplish as if there’s one thing that roller derby enthusiasts like, its revealing their own comprehension of the online game with newcomers. Therefore if absolutely a team in your city, get see all of them play. Saddle up beside a small grouping of lovely ladies inside suicide seats (in which every serious fans remain) and have them to give an explanation for principles for you. I do believe you will earn some brand new friends very quickly.

On the Internet

There is mentioned the world wide web several times just like the best way to meet up with other gays. Demonstrably here is the net, therefore we’re biased, but we have now found the majority of our very own buddies listed here, or via Riese’s prior blogs (that’s where almost all of the staff arises from — readers of her blog additionally the pals she met through people, etc).
We hear OKCupid is actually anything
, also.

Intern Emily


Discover somebody on autostraddle who resides near you. Provide them with your email. Buy a walk. Walks are cost-free.


: it may be different today, but when I became a child (23) I responded to an advertisement on craigslist w4w by a lady who mentioned she had been bi, went along to Columbia, played football, appreciated ‘420′ and wanted various other bi ladies going on with and become friends and brave the frightening queer world together. Initially we met it had been absurdly embarrassing nevertheless had gotten progressively better all the way to “more comfy than I am with anybody, really.” We have been through quite a bit together — a lot of life phases! — and we also’re nonetheless friends today, and it is through the woman intrepid on-line friend-gathering that we found Lainy, whom came across my
now-best-friend Haviland
on friendster right after which welcomed the girl to something which I found myself also at, which will be the way I met Haviland. So! The purpose of this is certainly:
craigslist might be anything
? The key to it becoming non-intimidating was actually we both earnestly desired brand-new pals, yannow?


: Get a hold of a queer girl exactly who writes a blog with plenty of emotions and send the woman email messages about your emotions. Read guides. If the queer girl with a blog begins an internet mag, assist their. Accost individuals on gchat. Whenever the queer girl with a blog provides parties and presents you to the woman buddies, end up being very nice in their mind and state situations along with your throat and vision. If a person of those is specially neat, compose all of them an email and stay their particular buddy. Be truly sincere and get many anti-anxiety treatment. Aren’t getting an alternative solution way of life haircut until you actually want to. Get at least one v-neck. Smile.

Intern Emily

Begin a blog
. Write in it for just two decades. Just take a 3-day hiatus right after which require people in the town to e-mail you.


Start a blog
and then
create a web page
and employ individuals be your friends for free.


Put “queer-friendly” or “LGBT friendly” inside craigslist article as well as the women should come a-runnin’, with an abundance of gay pals of their own in tow. You kill like 40 wild birds with one stone and will hear Tegan & Sara



In A Ladies Studies/Gender Studies Course

You should check aside this index of
LGBT/Queer researches programs
at universities everywhere in the country! You also should participate in course. The girls whom participate are hottest.



Women’s scientific studies classes are a fantastic location to meet females: every person’s just about a feminist currently so you’re able to have brainsexy conversations, which have been great for continuing in bars after course. Watch yourself with those hot profs, however.

At the LGBT Campus cluster in College or highschool

This will be Taylor’s NYU LGBT Cluster


: In school, before I became extremely away or firmly determined, I started nervously attending multiple occasions presented by the class’s LGBT company. Quickly onward a year and I was working on-campus queer classes every week, and that I’d scored a massive posse of passionate forward-thinking activist gays, similar to that! Before we worked for our very own LGBT company we believed super shy at queer activities, anytime your own college features a working LGBT business, considering enrolling or using and diving right in. The LGBT workplace turned into a moment house, that was perfect for between-class naps and meeting hotties, however.

Intern Emily

: visit your class’s queer club. It will be awkward. You may continue a lunch time with a cute woman whom gives her sweetheart. You could earn some friends though.

Gay Bars and Gay Events!

Demonstrably this is often a scary scenario, but countless getting-to-know-other-girls at these taverns won’t take place with one initial shameful visit. You must return. And go-back. And get back. And in the end you’ll have no option but feeling comfy there, because it’s someplace you are going alot. After that maybe you will speak to complete strangers or get 25 visitors to kiss you for your 25th birthday. It’s something, you can preserve rating in your supply with a pen. If you’re in new york,
GO mag contains the the majority of detailed, current bar/event directories

Intern Emily

: check-out a gay club. Get truly inebriated and keep in touch with everybody.


When you’re at the homosexual club or lesbian night, you are going to consider ideas like ‘nobody right here desires to keep in touch with me personally’ or ‘everyone right here provides a gf’ or ‘why are lesbians therefore daunting’ and you need certainly to curb all of those feelings and cover these with a unique sensation and this new feeling is ‘whatis the worst thing that happen, I’ll get rejected?’ and that I LEARN I AM AWARE I UNDERSTAND that seems petrifying, like becoming refused could be the worst thing that may ever happen to you as a human being. But it’s actually not — your own self-confidence is actually sexier than the outfit will ever end up being, and girls are very unusual as well as have many issues/reasons to possibly decline you that you are unable to just take any one rejection myself. Only generate visual communication. State hi. It does not have to be intimate. Envision your self within her footwear and think about the manner in which you’d desire the lady to approach you.


: do not be a scaredy cat! Go to a bar/club/show by yourself. In reality, this is the way We found my wife 5.68 in years past.

Some General Recommendations


Sarah Croce

: I had previously been bashful. My personal answer? Grow moobs. Determine what is awesome in regards to you and with confidence strike right up discussions with arbitrary men and women. They don’t really have to be homosexual. Frequently you will find most women tend to be bi, or interested, or have actually gay friends. Straight people love to tell you they’ve gay friends and additionally they constantly think you ought to hook-up with these people like absolutely some kind of homosexual drought plus purchase to prosper and save yourself the lesbian competition we need certainly to mate feverishly. It’s like they don’t really know we cannot procreate. In addition they usually ask just how lesbians have intercourse.


Begin Smaller, Build a Lesbian Posse:

Jess R

: make your very own Lesbian Posse. You only need one or two some other homosexual friends to begin – let them know to ask a few other queers they know (without having all other gay buddies – they are doing!) and plan little events for yourselves like dinner at a condo, motion picture night, bowling evening, ski/hiking day trip, etc. ensure it is a weekly thing so that you usually have something to anticipate so that as the months go-by the lesbian cellphone tree will grow lengthier and longer and after a couple of months you will have your own Lesbian Posse.


End Up Being Brave:

Intern Emily

: regrettably, fulfilling new-people indicates you should be daring and method them and keep in touch with all of them and find items to talk about and fork out a lot period obsessing about what to put on, etc. It is some social anxiousness and you might choose to require some tablets for the, additionally, you really feel good after.


Be Old-Fashioned and Project Outside The Safe Place:


: Get away from your comfort zone. We listen to plenty ladies complaining regarding how it really is all the same folks, the same ladies, wah-wah-wah. Drive to a regional area, simply take that practice underwater, cycle it, bus it, but try not to expect you’ll fulfill new, exciting ladies by-doing equivalent crap that hasn’t struggled to obtain up to now.

Additionally, end up being old-fashioned. Pretend there’s no net and remember just what it’s want to be polite and grateful and real IRL, and extend genuine invites and cultivate actual enduring friendships. It is easy for what to drop through fractures with internet-based connections; they need to be nurtured for reals. Becoming conventional reminds people a small amount of what must be done to maintain the types of relationships that people desire!


Gays are almost everywhere:


: Remember in

The Wizard of Oz

in which Dorothy knows that just what she was looking for was a student in her backyard/home/heart your whole time? You may be a gay individual, and also you always carry out things/go places. Odds are other gay individuals additionally enjoy these things/places and are most likely currently indeed there! Search the job/library/capoeira class/favorite coffeeshop/yarn store/whatever and probably there are queer men and women here. Like truly, if there are other than 10 folks in the building it really is mathematically more than likely that you will find somebody else there who’s in addition a huge gaymo. You just need to end up being brave and speak with folks and not end up being timid about becoming gay your self; they will certainly probably be really relieved and respond in sort.


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